Ex-Racehorses Sanctuary

These ex-racehorses are unsuitable for re-homing due to injury, temperament or age but will have a safe home at Greatwood to live out the rest of their days in comfort.

Each of these horses is assessed to see if they are suitable to be used in the Horse Power programme to help children with special educational needs, giving them a new focus.

Al -18th May 1998 - No Big Deal – Chic AntiqueAl -18th May 1998 - No Big Deal – Chic Antique
Al has always been a laid back sort of horse and stands still when all around goes awry.We rehomed him and then he came back to us because he had the onset of navicular disease. Al is not in any kind of discomfort, he is not on medication and he now has a job. He is just the type of horse that can be easily used with the children. His equable temperament makes him invaluable, he is absolutely brilliant with them.We watched him on one occasion; he had small children milling around him, he was standing very awkwardly but withstood the discomfort without moving his feet for fear of treading on little toes.

Deanos Beano - 11th Apr 1992 - Far North – Sans DotDeanos Beano - 11th Apr 1992 - Far North – Sans Dot
Ran 57 times, with a very successful career. In a career spanning eleven years, Deano’s Beeno had an excellent hurdles record of 11 wins, one of which was in Ascot’s Grade 1 Cantor Sport Long Walk Hurdle, beating the outstanding Baracouda on level weights and ending his run of 10 consecutive victories. Six of his hurdle wins were in Grade 2 events. A fast and fluent jumper, he was one of racing’s top staying hurdlers. In addition to multiple hurdle wins, he also won on the flat and over fences. He retired from racing in June 2004 and was gifted to Greatwood, possibly because of his renowned quirkiness.

Paul Cass - 21st Apr 1995 - Green Adventure – Cuddly DatePaul Cass - 21st Apr 1995 - Green Adventure – Cuddly Date
Ran once. Paul arrived pretty much at the same time as Deano’s, I’m not quite sure why we originally thought that these two might hit it off, but hit it off they have, and five years on they are good pals, with only the occasional fracas when Deano’s gets over-exuberant. I have to say that the fracas invariably occurs just before Deano’s is booked to parade, we have lost count of the times that an inadvertent kick has resulted in a couple of stitches..usually in the most predominant place on Deano’s. We are always a bit amused that unlike the famous Deano’s, Paul’s only claim to fame is having come 15 out of 15 in his single race at Catterick. Paul is a great calmer for Deano’s. We have to feed Deano’s in the summer and he and Deano’s wait patiently for their breakfast and then immediately after breakfast they hive off to a shady corner for a snooze for a couple of hours. It is rather amusing because on occasions they will drop by the school for their nap and any shenanigans going on fail to rouse them from their slumbers. =

Potentate - 7th Mar 1991 - Capote – Gay FantasticPotentate - 7th Mar 1991 - Capote – Gay Fantastic
Ran 58 times with 17 wins and 12 places. Probably Po’s remaining claim to fame was that he loved Chepstow and he won the Welsh Champion Hurdle on three consecutive years. Again, owned by The Late Jim Weeden, Po is the reason why Greatwood was mentioned in Jim’s Will. Po has been with us for over five years. We did ride him out when he first came to us but it was Jim’s particular request that Po should remain with us until the end of his days and so we thought that he may as well enjoy a well deserved retirement. Po is a really good horse to look after and despite his illustrious career over hurdles has never come up with any injury or problem. He is a self-contained horse and doesn’t have a particular pal, thus is fairly philosophical about where we stable him, he doesn’t care who is standing next to him. This is unlike some who throw a blue fit if a ‘best friend’ isn’t in the right place. About the only time that Po throws a bit of attitude is when he is in the field shelter. As far as he is concerned, the field shelter is his, and woe betide anyone that has the audacity to enter. To that end we have had to buy another one and now he runs between the two shooing the horses out.

Quixotry - 27th March 1991 - Risk Me (FR) – Grey CharterQuixotry - 27th March 1991 - Risk Me (FR) – Grey Charter
We were asked to help Quix in 2006. We soon learned that he had too many problems for us to sort out for us to be able to rehome him as a riding horse. We rehomed him as a companion for a couple of years, he had a happy contented time until such time that his pal died at a ripe old age. Quix does feel the cold and the damp and he does rather hop about the fields, but as yet, apart from joint supplements, he is not any particular pain and therefore his welfare is not compromised in the least. He hasn’t really been back with us for long enough for us to make up our minds as to whether he could be used for Horse Power. When he returned to us, we put him in the post and rail fence along with a few other new horses. He didn’t take a blind bit of notice of his companions, the wily old chap had spotted that there were a few attractive mares in the adjacent field, he then spent many hours gazing at them winsomely. Of course, Bonty was more than happy to have a keen admirer.

Seek The Faith - 28th April 1989Seek The Faith - 28th April 1989 - Pilgrim (USA) – Bundler (USA)
Ran 49 times with 7 wins and 13 places. We took on this fellow because his owner couldn’t afford to keep him any longer. He is a nice big sort of horse, he had been on his own prior to his arrival and he really enjoys the company of the other horses. We are hoping that given a little time that we may be able to use him for Horse Power but we will have to know a little more about him before we can risk him stepping out of line.

Sunshine Boy - 11 y-o bay geldingSunshine Boy - 11 y-o bay gelding - Cadeaux Genereux – Sahara Baladee (USA)
26 starts, 3 wins, 10 places. Robbie and Sue looked after Sunshine when he was in training with Emma Lavelle. He broke down when he was in training, his tendon was fired, he had 18 months off and went back into training. He then had five good races under his hat and then the tendon flared up again. It was then decided to retire him. Robbie and Sue looked after him for a couple or so years, they did a lot of work with him, but then had a bit of a job finding a home for him and asked us to take him in. We rehomed him for a short time but he didn’t settle and had to come back to us. He is now in the sanctuary and entertains us with his funny ways. We can always spot Sunshine when we go to the field. He is incredibly nosy and sticks his head up like a periscope so that he can see his visitors properly.

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